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Halo Darka

Aktuellste Galerie bei keine Angabe

Vorstellung im Eventguide:

Stand: 2009-01-23 | ID: 375

PLZ/Ort: 64 Pfungstadt

Musikrichtung: Electronica / House

Kategorie: DJs und DJ-Teams

Halo Darka is Christian Löffler, born in Bensheim, Germany and lived in Portugal until the age of 26. Music soon started to be a presence in his life and that has got reflected in his way and behaviour along the time. There was always a sound, more or less organic, classic, alternative, world music or, of course, electronic, pumping, groovey, acid, techy, underground! He believes that always existed and will exist a soundtrack for each single moment of our lives! Driven by ambition and with new projects in hands, at the end of 2008 moved on to his country. Driven by emotion, as well as eclecticism, the Underground has been his path and scene in all means, since the very first moment. The name Halo Darka itself referes to that. His Charisma, Image and contagious Great Humor, hardly let the people indefferent, as in the booth he..s always pushing, twisting, dancing, and shaking the crowd and with the crowd, making each of his sessions memorable partys. Now and then, night fan. Unlike those who rule themselves by the catch "Carpe Diem", smiles when he says he preferes "Carpe Noctem." The night, the music, the rhythm, the bass, the lights, the bodies, the party. In his sessions we get into a trip without destination set, though always aspiring to go a little further. Strongly found of doing things with and for the Passion, always carried this Ideal and got his catch well known - Passion Is Not Fashion! - No matter what, when, where or with who, everything we do, shall it be always with passion and for the passion only! Not just because it's a cool thing to do, a Fashion Job, or because it might bring us fame, glory or fortune! DJ is not an easy way to get layed!


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